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Electronic System for Travel Authorization for business

Travelling to America is always special. Whether you are there for business or pleasure it is a wonderful place. Except, of course, for the immigration system. Its cumbersome, takes time and uncertain. This might put off some people. However, if you are from business traveler western Europe, have a visitor’s visa for America, plan to stay for less than 90 days then you might be eligible to apply for a ESTA visa that is an electronic visa system that can greatly enhance your experience with a calcified bureaucracy.

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. ESTA is an online application system developed by the United States government to pre-screen travelers before they are allowed to board an airplane or ship bound for the United States.

For what purpose?

travelBusiness travel is one of the most efficient methods to opt for the program. The range of purpose that qualify is wide. Whether you are there to consult with business associates, attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference, attend short-term training or negotiate a contract this program is suitable for all of these to facilitate your business. Interestingly, even try outs for professional teams also qualify for the authorization although not for long term stay.

How you can get it

There are several steps to first obtaining a business visa. First step is to collect all of the information and the documents required. Then application is usually online especially in England. The visa times for an appointment varies according to location and time of year. After the interview you will have a visa.

To apply for the ESTA program, you will require a valid passport, valid credit card to pay the US $14 per application, contact information and employment information. Applications are online through the website and the time required varies.

The Immigration service recommends that there is a possibility of delays in the processing. Hence applications should be submitted at least 72 hours before arrival to a US immigration point. However, most requests are approved in less than a minute.


On the ESTA website, you can check if you qualify for the program quickly and efficiently. Here you can also check the validity of your current ESTA visa is you have one already.


As a business traveler, time is one of the most valuable resource you have. ESTA can directly help you with this by significantly reducing the amount of time you spend on the paperwork. Added to this, this system also clearly reduces the hassle and mental anguish of travelling. Given that, you can now concentrate on the more important work.

Another advantage is that once authorized, you will be able to travel to America for two years. Hence, this is not just a short term patch but a long term tool. What’s more, you can do this all from home without going to the consulate and setting up an appointment and interview.



The Best Bars and Restaurants in the USA

For any visitor on the planet there is every variety of food in America. In fact America has the highest concentration of food establishments in the world. The fast foods bar-1076996_640that are McDonalds, Burger Kings and Wendys not only have chains all over America but have branches all over the world. For a family on the move the hot dog still serves as the best stomach filler. Other than these America can boast of India, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian and Vietnamese dishes and these restaurants are available throughout America.

The price range for eating varies from very cheap to the extremely expensive. The price may also vary because of location, décor and cuisine. It must be remembered that a fifteen per cent is expected in decent eating joints which can go up to twenty per cent as the décor and service gets better. However one thing in America is common and that there is no fixed price.

In a moderate restaurant it is expected for people to eat and drink and to top it have to give a tip that I had just mentioned. However meals in the Continental restaurants are much more economical. In fact one will be surprised to know that the meal that one has in the afternoon will be twenty five per cent costlier if the same is ordered for dinner. Many hotels offer bacon, ham, sandwiches along with acoffee for breakfast. This can come free if one is staying in a hotel which will amount to the cost of the room.

America also boasts of the best oyster bars. Some of them are the Blue Points of Long Island to the exotic Kumamotos of the Pacific North west to the well lit Mapeques of Prince Edward Island. Oysters taste best when they are plucked straight from the water and that is why sea food lovers like to have their sea foods in the months in which the alphabet r is not present. Oyster bars and street carts were famous in the nineteenth century a
nd oysters were considered an everyday food.

The best bars in America are of The Esquire group that decided to put together the best bars in America. So here are a few names to remember when one goes to America. The Pqorch light is on Eleventh Avenue in New York. It serves the best food, drinks, music and a well stocked games room. The second is Good luck also in New
York but on 50, Anderson Avenue. It has a big square bar in the center of the room. The place is always loud and busy and it is famous for making craft cocktails since the year two thousand and eight.

The nest is the dull boy on New Jersey. Do notgo for the name because there is nothing dull over here. The Turf Supper Club in California has been around since nineteen hundred and fifty. It has a gas grill right in the middle of the bar for cooking your own steaks.